Listen to a Recorded Phone Call

If you have "call monitoring" turned on, then you can listen to recorded phone calls from the system.  This can be helpful to help diagnose issues or monitor the system.  If you want Call Monitoring enabled, please ask us at

1. Login to your account at and click on the Home tab.

2. Use the Search field in the Notification List to find the specific call in question.

Use part or all of the person's first name or phone number to search.

  • You will see results showing you all matching results across all jobs sent in your account.
  • Notice the Message name and Start Time in the left columns to help you determine if you have found the correct phone call.

    TIP: More about Search here: 


3. Click the phone icon next to the specific call.

TIP: You can type in the person's name or phone number to help search for that person in the Notification List.


 4. Click on Recorded Call in the list.

This will allow you to listen to the call by clicking the play button at the top.

You can use the slider to move forward or backwards in the audio recording track.

Use the DOWNLOAD button to download a copy of the audio to save or send to someone else.



NOTE: If you don't see Recorded Call, then either the call has not yet been placed, or the Call Monitoring has not been enabled in your account.  Please contact us for help at 1-800-939-1853.


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