Adjusting Phone Lines for a Single Message (Speed of Calls)

This article shows you how to adjust the number of phone lines used for a single message.  This can be useful when you have multiple messages or locations and you want some calling jobs to go fast and others to go much slower.  

NOTE: We have a related article showing you how to Adjust Phone Lines for Your Entire Account (Speed of Calls)

NOTE: You need sufficient administrative rights to be able to edit a reminder message.  If you don't have these rights, please contact your administrator or 1-800 Notify.

1. Login to

2. Click on the LIBRARY main navigation tab.  

3. Click the REMINDERS sub tab.

4. Locate the message you wish to adjust.

5. Double-click on the message to modify it, or highlight it, then click the Modify button.


5. Click on the Options tab.

6. Adjust Max. Lines in the lower left portion.


7. Click Save.


About the Max. Lines Setting

Inside the Message, Options screen, the Max. Lines setting works as follows.

This setting is only for this particular message.

1 = use only one outbound calling line

2 = use 2 outbound calling lines and so on.

Transfers consume a line:  If a live transfer back to your office occurs, it consumes a line and calling will stop if you reach the max number.  So, if you set at 1 line and a single patient transfers back to talk with your staff, then all other calls will stop until that transfer is done.  This is quite useful if your office only has 1 staff member answering phone calls. 

Default = Use all possible lines set in your Organization (Admin > Organization)  

Learn about the Phone Lines setting in your Organization in this related article:



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