Login Fails Google Chrome (Blank Screen, Adobe Flash Logo)

Sometimes Google will automatically update the Google Chrome browser and disable the Adobe Flash Player from running automatically.  Our login screen requires that Adobe Flash is allowed to run. 

1. If you click the LOGIN button and see a mostly blank page with the Get Adobe Flash box... then, click the lock in the upper left corner.


2. On the pop-up menu, select Allow next to Flash.



Click anywhere on the website off the menu to close the menu.  

Click the Reload button.


6. Now you should be able to click the LOGIN button and see the Login screen as shown.



NOTE: Instead of the login screen shown above, if you see a blank page with a puzzle piece in the middle saying allow Flash...

Try closing all your Chrome browser windows.

Then, re-open and try going to our home page: https://www.1800notify.com and click LOGIN again.  That should help you see the login screen.

alert-icon.png  IMPORTANT -- DELETE YOUR OLD LOGIN BOOKMARK: If you have a bookmark going to our old login page (e.g. https://www.1800notify.com/ac9164.swf, please DELETE that bookmark and instead bookmark our new login page: https://www.1800notify.com/login.html

If you need help, please call us at 1-800-939-1853 or email support@1800notify.com.


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