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This article describes how you can easily make appointment reminder calls or text messages from the ANT WORKS EHR system using the "Appointments by Date" report and 1-800 Notify.

NOTE: You may need to contact Antworks support if you do not see the "Appointments by Date" report in your list.

The custom report must look exactly like this one below to work with the system.  If you have a different report, then please call us at 1-800-939-1853 to so we can adjust our system to read it.

(insert sample report here)

1. Select Report > Tabular from the menu.


2. Select the Appointments By Date report by double-clicking on it.


3. Select the date for your reminders -- you might be able to select Tomorrow, or choose a specific date if you are on Friday or want to send reminders to patients 2 working days ahead of today.


4. When the report appears on the screen, verify you are seeing all the correct information.  Then, click the Export to CSV icon in the upper right corner to save this file.


5. What happens next depends on your web browser.  You may be asked to select a file name and download location.  If nothing appears to happen, then it's likely the file was automatically downloaded to your Downloads directory.  You'll need to know where to find the file in the next step when you have to locate that file to upload it to 1-800 Notify to start your calls.


Upload and schedule your calls using these instructions: 

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