Combined Reminders (Seeing "COMBINE" instead of a phone number)

You may see the word COMBINE instead of a phone number on the notification list or on the Results Report.


What this means?

This patient was not called for this appointment, but was combined with an earlier appointment and called for that appointment time instead.  In the image above, you can see that Samantha and John were called for the 9:30 AM appointment, but John was not called for the 10:30 AM appointment - because he has the word COMBINE in his phone number.

NOTE: If you are doing past due balance reminder calls, then this patient was combined with another patient on the calling list with the same phone number, since there are no appointment times in balance reminder calls.

Why are some appointments with the same phone number not combined?

Our default window to combine appointments is 90 minutes.  So if two appointments are more than 90 minutes apart, then we don't combine them.  Do you want to adjust this window?  -- email us at and we'd be happy to assist you.

Why are there two or more names (Eg. Samantha and John) shown?

When we combine, we also combine all the patient names.

Do you call on the earliest appointment time?

Yes.  You'll see that the phone number for the earliest appointment time is still in the list, so that phone number will be called for the combined appointment and mention all the names.

What if a single patient has more than one appointment?

We will combine all appointments (within the 90 min. window) for a single patient and only call the patient (or text them) with the earliest appointment time.

Can we turn off COMBINING?

Yes!  This is an option in each of your reminder messages.  Just ask us and we'll get it turned off.

What if patients are listed on two separate schedules, can you combine across schedules?

Yes!  This can be common in practices where the patient sees the ultrasound tech. first then goes to see the physician in a later appointment.  We need to do some additional setup on our side, and you'll have to upload the schedules at the same time (if you're manually uploading).  Just contact us and let us know that you need this feature enabled.


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