Appointment Reminder Calls and Texts from QuickEMR (QuickEMR v8)


This article will help you utilize the appointment reminder calls and texts from QuickEMR version 8 and higher.  If you are on version 7, then please see this related article

1.0 Getting Started:

Please contact 1-800 Notify by calling us at 1-800-939-1853 or emailing us at and we will begin the setup process for your Text and/or Call Reminders.

Please email us your CLIENT CODE and your FACILITY CODE (or all your Facility codes, if you have more than one facility or clinic).


Finding your CLIENT CODE:  Look at the top of your web browser screen in the web address (URL) when you are logged into QuickEMR.  Your client code will be shown right after



Finding your FACILITY CODE(s):  From then menu, choose Lists > Facilities


On the list screen, look for the CODE in the first column.



2.0 Preparing QuickEMR for Appointment Reminders:

2.1 Go to Settings in QuickEMR from the menu, then click on the Add-Ons

Check the Box Enable 1 800 Notify.

Click SAVE.



If you want to automatically send the reminders, please check the box "Automate Reminders"


2.2 Preparing patients to receive a Text or Call Reminder

In QuickEMR, select Lists > Cases/Patients

Pull up the patient you wish to edit.

Click Patient Info in the left column


REMINDER TEXTS:  In the Reminders section, check the box Reminder Text Message and make sure to have a Mobile phone listed in the Phone Numbers 

REMINDER CALLS: Check the box for Reminder Calls and put at least one phone number in the Phone Numbers list.  
>> The top phone number listed will be called.  You can use the REORDER button to adjust the phone number priority.

ALERT: If you check both Reminder Calls AND Reminder Text Message boxes, this patient will receive ONLY a Reminder Call.



3.0 DAILY ROUTINE - Manually Sending the Reminders and Checking Results

3.1 Sending the Daily Reminders

From the menu, select Schedule > Reminder Calls


On the Reminder Calls screen:

- Adjust the date to the date of the appointments for which you want to send reminders.

- Adjust the Facility or select All Facilities

- Adjust Providers or select All Providers

Click Get Results

NOTE: If a reminder was already sent to this patient for this appointment, the "Send" box will be unchecked and you can re-send a reminder by re-checking the Send box (see final reminder in the list below).





Our system will not allow you to send an entire reminder job (calls/texts) that is identical to one that you recently sent.  This is to prevent accidentally sending the same reminders to the same patients multiple times (by accident).  You can get around this by making one change - e.g. If you un-check a single reminder, then you can re-send all the rest.  

You can also adjust the date/time when the reminders start sending at the bottom of the screen the Send Date and the Send Time.  If you don't touch them, the reminders will send out very quickly (assuming you are uploading between 9am and 8pm local time.  If you upload after 8pm, then the reminders will start the next morning at 9am local time.

When ready, click the Upload button. 

3.2 Getting the Reminder Results

From the menu, select Schedule > Reminder Call Log


In the Reminder Call Log screen,

First, look to see if the Job Status is Completed.  (Pending means it's still running).

Then click the Underlined Job ID to see the actual reminder results listed below.


See this related article for a description of all the possible Reminder Results you might see in the Info column.

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