GE Centricity Appointment Reminder Calls or Texts


Now, you can easily send phone call or text message appointment reminders from GE Centricty software without needing to involve the IT Department.   If you want to send affordable appointment reminder calls or text messages from GE Centricty, you can use the service from 1-800 Notify by simply exporting your daily schedule to a file and uploading it to your HIPAA secure account.  It's very easy to setup and use.  Once you get going, it just takes about 3 minutes a day to call and/or text all your GE Centricty patients!

NOTE: We have a slightly different method to export in this related article:

VALIDATE MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS: If you choose, we can auto-detect if the phone number you entered is a valid mobile phone or a land line.  If it's a mobile phone and you want us to send a text reminder, we'll do it.

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STEP 1: Export the daily schedule to a file from GE Centricity.

1. Bring up your schedule and click the Print icon.


2. Select the Appointments under Print Items.
Click the Date item and select a From Date you wish to export.

Select one or all providers.

NOTE: Sometimes, the All Providers button will appear to put all providers in the list, but still only print the first provider's schedule.

Click Preview.



3. Verify your are looking at the correct date of the appointments you wish to export.



4. Click the Export icon in the upper left corner. 



5. Select Format of Separated Values (CSV) and Destination of Disk File.



6. Leave the defaults alone, click OK.



7. Select a location for the file you are exporting that is easy to remember and name it the date of the appointments.  Ex:  10-07-2017  or, if you are sending this to a text reminder, you might name it 10-07-2017-text.



STEP 2: Upload that exported schedule file from GE Centricity to your account on

Click here to learn how to do that with this related article.










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