DuxWare Payer Dunning Report for Billing Reminder Calls / Collections Calls


You can now send affordable phone calls to remind patients of outstanding balances owed on their accounts.  These calls can be up to 6 times more effective than sending paper statements alone in getting patients to respond.  Some of our clients even skip the second mailed paper statement and use that money to make three billing reminder calls at no extra cost.  Spend less -- collect more!

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Here's how to export the Payer Dunning Report to a PDF file then, in a related article, you can see how to upload that file to your account at www.1800notify.com to make the calls.

alert-icon.png  Please be aware, that this Patient Dunning Report currently only seems to pull HOME PHONE numbers, so if you have patients that only have a CELL or MOBILE phone listed and no Home phone, you'll see blank phone numbers on the report (so they cannot be called).  To correct this, run the report and look for blank phone numbers, then go back into the patient demographics and copy the patient's call phone into their HOME phone field.


1. Log in to DuxWare.

2. Click Reports > Collections > Dunning Report


3. Make adjustments to the report to fit your needs.  In the example below, we have made the adjustments shown in the image.

Once, completed, click Generate Report (PDF)

Follow the instructions to name and save the report on your computer.

TIP: Make the file name easy to identify the file later and folder location (e.g. Desktop) so you can easily find it when you need to upload it to www.1800notify.com to start the calls.




You're done with the export!  Next, login to your account at www.1800notify.com to securely upload your file and schedule when the Patient Billing Reminder Calls will start.

Here's how to get that done: 


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