Inbound IVR Autopay By Phone Call Statuses

When you setup an inbound IVR Autopay By Phone, you will see the following statuses on the call report log in your secure account at



  Status     Meaning  

Person answered

A person called your IVR number but was not identified.

Person identified

A person called your IVR number and was successfully identified. (e.g. Account Number)

Person identified failure (xxx-yyy)

A person called your IVR number and tried to identify themselves by typing xxx and yyy into the system.  But the entries did not match the data in the IVR Validation Table. (e.g. The Account Number or Phone Number)

Person authenticated

The caller was both Identified and Authenticated by the specific call flow in your IVR system (e.g. Account Number + Date of Birth Year)

Person authenticated failure (aaa-bbb)

The caller was identified successfully, but failed to authenticate themselves after entering aaa and bbb as attempted entries.  But the entered data did not match the fields in the IVR Validation database used for authentication (e.g. the Date of Birth Year)

Autopay success

A payment was successfully completed (this could be a credit card or e-Check payment depending on your setup).

Autopay failure

A payment was attempted but not successful for some reason (maybe denied by the bank, incorrect information, etc.)
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