How to Unblock the 1800 Notify 888-885-1695 SMS Text Phone Number you Blocked by Mistake (Android)

If you accidentally report the 1800 Notify text message phone number as a Junk text on your iPhone, you will no longer receive those notifications from your provider.

Do you have an iPhone instead? Please see this related article: 

If enough patients or people for your provider do the same thing, then it may result in all text messages (e.g. appointment reminders or text notifications) being sent by your provider or company to you to be Mistakenly BLOCKED as SPAM.   

This article shows you how to unblock the phone number on your Android device and this will hopefully remove the Spam blocking for this phone and others.


Sometimes when you are deleting SMS text messages from your Android, you may accidentally

"Block number" using the button at the top of the Messages screen.

Here's how to remove the 888-885-1695 from your blocked senders list on your Android phone

1 - Go to Settings on your Android phone

2 - Scroll down and tap Apps   

2 - Scroll down and tap the gear icon next to Messages

3 - Tap Blocked numbers and messages  

4 - Tap the red minus sign to the right of the 1800 Notify sending number 

5 - You should now see a little message appear - you're done.

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