Version Released with Text Messaging, Icons and More

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of the 1-800 Notify web software that every user automatically can take advantage of immediately.

Key Enhancements are:

1. Ability to send 2-way Text Messages to any of your patients instead of phone calls.

2. New Icons showing the result of your contact list being processes by your account's rules.  What the new columns in the INFO tab mean: 

What each of the Icons/Columns mean:

MSG: Live person phone message

AM: Answering machine version of phone message

SMS: Text message  Learn how to set up Text Messaging here.

DNC: Do not call (patient set up in your CONTACTS tab as do-not-call) Learn how to set up Do -Not-Call here.

CBR: Canceled by Rules (this person is not called based on the rules for this message)

ERR: There is some error associated with this particular contact (maybe a missing or invalid phone number or mobile number).


3. Group Messages - Parent/Child Messages that is useful if you have been uploading the exact same data file to several messages every day.  (This mostly happens if you have several locations in your organization).  Once you set up the new Group Message feature (we can help!). you will be able to upload only once every day. 

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