Using PCONTACT.EXE to upload contacts for Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) for 1-800 Notify

This article shows how to use pcontact.exe to upload contacts, people whom you would like to notify with an emergency broadcast text message, phone call or email.


How to Setup your EBS Message

How to Control the EBS System using an Authorized Mobile Phone


STEP 1: Download the pcontact.exe and sample files from the link at the bottom of this article.

STEP 2: Unzip the downloaded file.

STEP 3: Edit the file run-pcontact-with-parameters.bat

The default contents will look like this:

Echo off
echo This batch file will start pcontact.exe
echo Your data file must be saved in Excel 97-2003 compatibility mode (.xls)
echo The first parameter is the URL to direct the PCONTACT data upload
pcontact.exe username password 1800-Notify-with-pin.xls

Change the username and password shown after pcontact.exe to your own username and password - save your edits.

STEP 4: Edit the Excel file with the contacts following these guidelines.

- Make sure to save the file in .xls format (Excel 97-2003 format)

- Do not change the column name headers

- Do not delete or move around any of the columns. (If you don't need a column, just leave it blank.)

- Here is the content / description of each column:

Position ID - (not required) Unique identifier

Position Status - (not required) Can be used to identify the status of this contact

Last Name - (required)

First Name - (required)

Personal Contact: Personal Mobile - Mobile Phone Number used to send a text message to this contact (leave blank if texting not desired for this contact).  Required if this contact has a PIN (see below) in order to control the system.

Personal Contact: Home Phone - Voice Phone Number used to send a voice broadcast message to this contact. (leave blank if this contact does not want a voice broadcast message)

Personal Contact: Personal Email - Email address to send email broadcast message (leave blank if no email broadcast desired for this contact)

Data Control Full Description - Group membership for this contact.  Separate group names with commas (but no spaces).  Example: Group 1,Group 2,Group 3 (this would put this contact into three groups.

Pin # for 800 Notify - This is a 4 to 5 digit numeric PIN that can be used in conjunction with the contact's mobile phone to control the system.

STEP 5: Run the Batch file on a Windows computer.

Double-click or "Run as Administrator" the Batch file you edited above.


This will take the Excel file you created/edited and upload it to the Contacts tab in your 1-800 Notify account.


1. If you upload a list of contacts, then remove a contact from the list and re-upload, that removed contact will also be DELETED from the contact list on 1-800 Notify.

2. Be careful -- whenever you upload your list of contacts, it should be the COMPLETE list.  If not, any missing contacts previously uploaded will be deleted from your account in 1-800 Notify.



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