Automated Appointment Phone or Text Reminders from Office Ally (OfficeAlly)


This article shows you how to send daily appointment reminders (calls or text messages) to your patients or clients from your Office Ally Practice Management System.  You can use the free Office Ally system to manage your schedule, then download and send the daily export file to your account at 1-800 Notify.

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1.  Click the Appointments tab, then Reports > Daily Appointment Report.



2. Select the date of the appointments for which you want to send reminders (usually 1 or 2 days from today).  Select the Office or "All" and leave the other settings as "All".  Click "Go".



3. Verify the report that appears is correct (date, etc.) then click Export to Excel.



4. What happens next, depends on your web browser and settings.  

You may see a bar appear at the bottom or top of your page, if so, click SAVE AS or the arrow next to Save and select Save As.

If the file just downloads without doing anything, then it is probably being saved in your Downloads folder.

If Microsoft Excel opens with the file, then save it as Excel 97-2003 format to a place you can find it later.

If you see a pop up window allowing you to specify the location (folder) and file name, then please put the file in a place you can find later (e.g. Desktop) and name the file the date of the exported appointments, (e.g. 4-29-2015 - you can't use "/" in the file name)



Now, you're done exporting this day's schedule to the Excel file, you now need to upload and schedule the reminder calls and texts in your secure account on by following the steps in this related article:






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