MD Rhythm Appointment Reminders - Call or Text (MDRhythm) with 1-800 Notify

How to send patient appointment reminders from MDRhythm (MD Rhythm) EHR Software.  This article shows you how to send patient appointment reminder calls from your MDRhythm system using the 1-800 Notify ( service.

Want to try our appointment reminders?  Click here. 

1. Log into MDRhythm.

2. Inside MDRhythm, from the menu select FILE > PRINTER SETTINGS area and set your default printer to a PDF printer.

3. Select TSPrint PDF from the List of Printers.

4. Click Save then Close buttons.

5. View the Daily Schedule on your screen by going to the Menu > Scheduled > Daily Schedule.

NOTE: You must select and individual provider's schedule in order to print the patient's phone number on the report.

6. Select the correct day for which you want to send reminders - usually 1 or 2 working days ahead of today.

7. Then, click the PRINT button.

IMPORTANT: Say "Yes" next to do you wish to print schedule note.

8. You should see this TSPrint PDF popup window...

Click Save PDF under the Local Actions

NOTE: If you see an error message like the one shown here, then you need to install the TSPrint Client software on your computer from this web site: (ask us for help with this).

9. What happens next depends a little on the settings of your system, but usually you will see a pop-up window that asks you to pick a folder location and file name for the saved PDF file on your computer.

We recommend you add the date of the appointments to the end of the file name.

Example: MDRhythm-01-11-2016  (you cannot use "/" in the file name)

Also, make sure to save it in a place you can find it when you later need to upload it to your secure account on 1-800 Notify to schedule the appointment reminder calls and texts.


Next step: Upload and schedule the calls & texts by following the instructions in this related article.


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