Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) - Initial Setup of EBS Message

This article shows the detailed steps to setup and customize your Emergency Broadcast Message in the 1-800 Notify system.


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You can set this up yourself, or our Support Team is more than happy to do it for you.  Please contact us by email support@1800notify.com or phone 1-800-939-1853.


Create the Synthetic Speech for EBS Voice Phone Calls

1. Go into the Library > Phone > Speech tab.

2. Add two new Synthetic Speech items:


          This is an emergency message <user3>
          Press 1 to confirm receipt or 3 to hear this again.


         This is an emergency message <user3>


Create the Text Message template for EBS Text Messages

1. Go to the LIBRARY > Text Message tab.

2. Create a NEW text message called


with content similar to this:

Emergency Message <user3>
Reply Y to confirm receipt.

<user3> is the text content sent by the authorized user controlling the system.


Create the Email Template for EBS Email Messages

1. Go to the LIBRARY > Email Template tab.

2. Create a NEW email template called


with content similar to this:


<practice> Emergency Broadcast System Message

MESSAGE: (Full HTML is available)

Hello <name>,<br>
<b>This is an emergency broadcast message from <practice>.</b>
[Emergency Message Content Begin]<br>
[Emergency Message Content END]<br>
<a href="%%CONFIRM_URL%%">Click here to acknowledge receipt of this message.</a>



Create the EBS Message Itself referencing the Voice Call, Text Message and Email

The last step is to create the EBS Message to reference each of the components you created above and set up rules to send call, text or email based on the data in the file.

1. From the LIBRARY tab, click the REMINDERS tab.

Look to see if someone has already created an EBS message that you can edit.

TIP: If you have a lot of messages in your list, then press the letter "E" on your keyboard to jump down to the first message starting with "E"

If you don't find an EBS message, then click the NEW button to create one.

2. Whether you are editing or creating a new message, the steps are very similar.  These instructions will show you how to create a new EBS message.

From the NAME tab of the message, type EBS for the name.   NOTE: It must be typed exactly as "EBS" for the system to work, not E B S or any other format.

Click NEXT at the bottom or click the PLUGIN tab at the top.

2. From the PLUGIN tab, select EBS for the Plug-In.

Click NEXT to get to the PHONE tab.

3. Here is where you will create the body of the message.

3 A) Set up a rule to send a text message to the person, if they have a valid mobile phone (Mobile Type contains "mobile"), click "AND" from the drop down on the right, and then in the 2nd condition row, check that the person wants a text ("labs" contains "text) as shown. 

Now, click the 'THEN' Action button to bring up the actions window.

Click the SMS tab in the Action window and check the box Send Text Message, then click SUBMIT.

3 B) Now add a rule to send an EMAIL message in a similar manner.

Check if the email field contains an email address (EMAIL contains "@")

AND, check if LABS contains email (the person wants an email)

Click THEN Action and select EMail.

3 C) Finally, setup the CALL from by selecting the Synthetic speech item called EBS-VOICE-LIVE you created above.

Click NEW ACTION, click the SAY tab, then locate and check the box next to EBS-VOICE-LIVE and click SUBMIT.

4. Now you are done with the main rules and the live person phone message, click NEXT or the Ans. Mach. tab at the top.

You should now see the EBS-VOICE-AM listed as the only item.

Click the SMS tab or the NEXT button several times to get to the SMS tab.

5. From the SMS tab, click New Action and select the EBS-TEXT-MSG you created.

Click NEXT or EMAIL tab.

6. From the EMAIL tab, click New Action and select the EBS-EMAIL you created.

Once you have selected the email template, you should see it listed as shown below.

Click the OPTIONS tab to select the Caller ID for the phone calls and other options.

7. Now, you can adjust various options.  

At a minimum, you should set your Caller ID and number of phone lines to use for outbound calling fairly high - so your calls all get completed very quickly.  For example, in this case, we went with 50 phone lines to get 50 calls done at once.

You're done with the setup, click SAVE to save your EBS message and you are now ready to test out the system.

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