Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls from NueMD (Nue MD, New MD) with 1-800 Notify

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This article shows you how to make Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls with NueMD and 1-800 Notify.  All you need to do is a quick export of the scheduled patients then securely upload to your account on 1-800 Notify.


1.   Login to NueMD

2.   Click the Home icon in the upper left corner.

3.   Click the Reports icon, then Appointments, then Daily Appointment Report.

4.   Select and highlight the Appt Date row in the filter list.


5.  Then at the bottom of the screen select Custom and then the To: and From: dates.  (If you select From: first, you may see an error.)

Then click Grid.

NOTE: Only select a single day's worth of appointments to export in a single file.

6.  Now you should see all your scheduled patients.  If you don't see them, or the date is incorrect, please back up and repeat the earlier steps.

If everything looks OK, then at the bottom of the screen click Export > Export with Header.


7.  Now you will type a name for the exported appointments and save them in a location (folder) that you can easily find later when you want to upload them to 1-800 Notify.


Now, you need to login and upload that exported file to your secure account at

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