Secure Results - RESULTS Button to View Patient Reminder Details

Our system allows users to securely view the patient reminder results from a simple button on the HOME screen of

1.  Simply login to your account at

2.  Locate the reminder job you wish to view the results for and click on it to highlight it in the top half of the HOME screen.  

TIP: If there are a lot of jobs listed, you can search for the job for your location by typing a few letters of your clinic name or message name and clicking the SEARCH icon as shown.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the status column shows "done" on your job (otherwise you will be looking at incomplete results).

3. Click on the job to highlight it.  Then click the RESULTS button to view detailed results in a new web browser window.


4. Your results will be displayed in an easy-to-read format in a new browser window.


5. If you wish to PRINT or SAVE these results to your computer, you can RIGHT-CLICK anywhere in this window and select Print or Save.


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