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Now, you can easily send automated appointment reminders directly from Google Calendar.  What we show you below is one of the ways we work with Google Calendar to send automated appointment reminder calls or text messages.  We can auto-detect if the phone number you entered is a valid mobile phone or a land line.  If it's a mobile phone and you want us to send a text reminder, we'll do it.

Once you're done with this process to authorize 1-800 Notify to talk with your Google Calendar, then you need to make sure you format your appointments in a special way so that 1-800 Notify can understand them and send the correct reminders.  See this related article FORMATTING GOOGLE CALENDAR ENTRIES.

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STEP 1: Log out from Google Calendar


STEP 2: Allow access to your Google Calendar

2.1  Login to your 1-800 Notify account from this link:

2.2  Click on the ADMIN tab and click the Google Calendar Auth button.


NOTE: If you don't see the Google Calendar Auth button, then email us at or call us at 1-800-939-1853.

2.3  You will then be taken to Google to select the correct account for the Google Calendar you wish to authorize for use with 1800 Notify.  Select the account and login.


2.4  If you have selected the correct Google account for your Google Calendar, then click ALLOW.

alert-icon.png  IMPORTANT: If you do not see this " wants to Manage your Calendars" screen (below), then the authentication will not work.  Please make sure to Log Out from Google Calendar and try the process again from Step 1.



2.5  If everything went well, then you will see this success page:


Now, if you want us to send appointment reminders from your main Google Calendar, you're done!



If you want us to send appointment reminders from a sub-calendar, you'll have to give us Calendar ID or email address associated with the sub-calendar.

How to Find Your Calendar ID:

1. Inside Google Calendar, click the Gear icon in the upper right corner, then select Settings 

2. Click Calendars tab at the top to see all your calendars. 

Then, click on the underlined calendar for which you want to send appointment reminders.


3. Scroll to the bottom of the details page and find the Calendar Address.

4. Copy the Calendar ID email address.


Send this email address you just copied to and we'll take care of the rest.


STEP 3: Tell us what time of day you want the automated reminders to go out, and for how many work days ahead!


3:00 PM every day, we automatically pull your Google Calendar appointments for 2 working days ahead (e.g. Friday's appointments are pulled the Wednesday before) and we send out all the phone call and text message reminders. 

Also, you'll need to supply us with a way to access your calendar to automatically pull the information

As soon as the reminders are done, you get an email either with all the detailed results, or just a summary, so you can login to and securely view the reminder results in our secure online portal.


NOW, you'll need to format your calendar events in a specific way so that 1-800 Notify can read them in correctly and send out reminders as you would like.

See this related article:






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