Appointment Reminders from PPR (Professional Practice Resources) Billing System and 1-800 Notify

How to send patient appointment reminders from PPR (Professional Practice Resources) Software.  This article shows you how to send patient appointment reminder calls or texts from your PPR system using the 1-800 Notify ( service.

Want to try our appointment reminders?  Click here. 

1.  From the Accounts Receivable main menu, select 4 APPOINTMENT REPORT.


2. Enter the date of the appointments you wish to export for appointment reminders.


3. To export for all doctors, leave this screen blank and hit ENTER, otherwise you can enter only specific doctor codes.


4. Type 1 and hit ENTER for number of copies.


5. Select D for DETAIL, hit ENTER.


6. For Enter Availability Code, hit ENTER for All.


7.  For Print Report, type Y and hit ENTER.


8. From the Select Printer, type W for Windows Printer and hit ENTER.


9.  Then from the Print window, select a PDF printer (e.g. QuickBooks PDF printer, PrimoPDF or Adobe PDF).

TIP: If you don't see any such PDF print driver, then follow these instructions to install the free PrimoPDF print driver.


10. What happens next depends on your specific PDF printer driver.  

Depending on the PDF print driver you have, the screens will look a little different.

If given the change you want to:

- Locate the saved PDF file in a folder you can easily find later (when you need to upload it to 1-800 Notify)

- Name the PDF file something that will help you find it later (e.g. the date of the appointments - 05-28-2015.pdf)


You're done getting the schedule exported from PPR, now you need to login to your account at and upload the schedule using these instructions.





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