Trouble Sending Faxes - Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble sending us faxes or having troubles sending faxes to other fax numbers, here are a few suggestions you can try to help improve your success rate.

1. Make sure to put the "1" in front of our fax number (and any other long distance number).  Use 1-888-241-6091 instead of 888-241-6091.

2. Some phone providers have switched the way your fax line is shared with others (sometimes without telling you).  This can cause problems especially in the busy times during the middle of the work day.  There are two settings that can help alleviate this problem:

  • Set ECM (Error Correction Mode) to OFF.

  • Set your BAUD RATE to "SLOW" for newer machines or "9600 baud" for older machines.

3. If your fax machine has run out of memory and this is causing the problems (less likely), then turning it off and on will usually clear out the memory and allow you to send faxes.



If none of the above suggestions work, then please scan and email the documents to


Skip the Fax and Turn Your Smartphone into a Scanner/Email

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