SuccessEHS (Greenway Health) Appointment Reminders with 1-800 Notify

How to send patient appointment reminders for SuccessEHS (Greenway Health) Software. This article shows you how to send patient appointment reminder calls from your Greenway Health's SuccessEHS system using the 1-800 Notify ( service.

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    1. Log in to Greenway Health SuccessEHS.

    2. Go to the schedule view and view the date for the appointment reminders.

    3. Right click on the correct date and select “Print Schedule Report…”.


    4. Click the “Preview…” button.



    5. Select the correct printer, usually your default printer.



    6. Verify you are looking at the correct date, then press the “Export” Icon (Envelope with the red arrow).



    7. Format for Comma-separated values (CSV) and select destination “Disk File”, then press "OK”.



    8. Leave check boxes blank and press “OK”.



    9. Select a folder on your local computer (Process may vary on different machines).


    10. Select “C” drive on your computer and find your designated folder (Usually C > Users > YourName > Desktop) and title the file the date of the appointment.




--------------------- YOU'RE DONE WITH THE EXPORT --------------------------

Now, login to your account and upload this file securely to start the reminders to your patients.  


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