PDS Cortex Appointment Reminders (Calls or Texts) with 1-800 Notify

Now, you can easily send automated appointment reminders (call or text) from your schedule in PDS Cortex.  Below shows you the simple steps to export your daily schedule to a file so you can easily and securely upload it to your account at www.1800notify.com

How do we send texts?  We can auto-detect if the phone number you entered is a valid mobile phone or a land line (even if it's in the home phone field).  If it's a mobile phone and you want us to send a text message reminder, we'll do it.

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STEP 1: Choose Export from the Appointment Menu

IMPORTANT:  Depending on your setup, you might need to DELETE your export APPS.txt file before you export another day's data.  We have seen that sometimes PDS Cortex will simply append or add today's appointments you export to all other appointments you already exported previously.

From the Appointment menu, select Export, then Appointment Confirmations

STEP 2: Select the Date, Providers, Locations, and Output Folder.

From the Export Confirmations window, select the date of the appointments you wish to export.  Then click on "Select Providers" to select which providers to include and "Select Locations" to select locations.

Finally, click the button next to Output Folder to select a specific output folder location that you can find later when you need to find the file to upload it to your account on www.1800notify.com

NOTE: You must check the box "Include appointments even if they are on the reschedule list" in order to have all the patients listed on your appointment export.


Browse for an output folder on this screen and click OK.

Then click OK from the Export Confirmations window to generate the file called APPS.TXT in the folder you selected.

STEP 3: Upload that exported file to www.1800notify.com

Follow these instructions to securely upload the APPS.TXT file to 1-800 Notify and start the reminders.

See detailed steps here.


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