Removing Patient Details from Job Completed Email Reports (HIPAA Privacy)

To enhance patient privacy and security, you should remove patient protected health information - PHI (e.g. name and phone number) from the Job Completed email reports you receive. 

Here's how to set your Job Completed email to remove patient details:

1. Click the ADMIN tab and ORGANIZATION sub-tab (assumes you have administrative rights).

2. Double-click any where in the bottom part of the screen where you see your current organization settings listed or click MODIFY under Organization



3. Click the Report tab. 

4. Change the Email Job Completed Report Type to No Detail, No Provider or No Detail.


5. Click Save.



Once you remove the details, you will see just the summary table at the top of the email report that looks similar to this:

Then, you will log in and securely view the patient results using the RESULTS button from the HOME tab... learn how to do that using these instructions.

NOTE: The Preview Report Type is the report format you will see when you click the RESULTS button.

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