EBS - Send Welcome Text Message to Register Authorized Users

When you add new authorized users to your EBS (Emergency Broadcast System), we recommend sending out a welcome text message.  This welcome text will go to all users in the system that have a mobile phone number and PIN code in your CONTACTS list.

TIP: Occasionally, if you authorized users lose connectivity to the EBS system, you may need to send a welcome text.  This can happen if you have not used the system in a while, or simply due to issues with the various carrier SMS (Text Message) networks than can occur. 

1. Log into www.1800notify.com

2. Click the ADMIN tab, then click Modify under Organization.

3. Click the Misc. tab and then click the Send EBS Welcome Message button.


4. You will see a confirmation appear, click YES. 

5. Then, when the text has been successfully sent, you will see this window:

6. Finally each user setup in your EBS system with a mobile phone and PIN will receive a welcome text that looks like this one below.  It will be sent from your dedicated EBS phone number.

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