Credible EHR by Qualifacts Appointment Reminders (Credible Behavioral Health Software) - CALL, TEXT or EMAIL

1800 Notify Customer Success Story: Automated Appointment Reminders Integrated with Credible EHR by Qualifacts saves time for our team!

Arisa manages their patients using Credible EHR by Qualifacts which is integrated with the 1800 Notify appointment reminder system. Alla Davis, Arisa’s Director of Programming appreciates the seamless process, “We create a simple report from Credible EHR by Qualifacts daily which is securely, automatically transferred to trigger the process. It’s much easier on our staff than calling every patient!”


Now, you can easily send automated appointment reminders directly from Credible Behavioral Health System Software.  What we show you below is one of the ways we work with Credible Behavioral Health System Software to send automated appointment reminders.  

HONOR PATIENT PREFERENCE:   If you have set patient preference in Credible, as CALL, TEXT or EMAIL, or DO NOT CONTACT, we will honor that preference when sending the reminders.

VALIDATE MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS:   If you choose, we can auto-detect if the phone number you entered is a valid mobile phone or a land line.  If it's a mobile phone and you want us to send a text reminder, we'll do it.

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The example below is one possible method.  If you have different field names or different requirements, then we can work with your requirements as we get you setup. 

STEP 1: In the Admin area of Credible, create an Export file format.

1.1 Click on the Reports tab and select the Export tool tab from the list.

1.2  Scroll to the bottom and choose a name for your Export, then select Custom Ad Hoc and click the New Export button.

1.3  Adjust settings on this page as shown.

Select "Web Services" for Export Format

Paste the general SQL Query shown here: (you may have to modify this depending on your database and requirements)

At the bottom it says: "GETDATE()),2" - that means 2 calendar days ahead of today -- which would allow for a 2 day ahead appt. reminder.  This works Mon-Wed.  But on Thu-Fri, you need to create a 4 day query changing the 2 to a 4.... "GETDATE()),4"


Select C.last_name + ' , ' + C.first_name As 'CNAME',
  C.home_phone As 'Home Phone',
  C.mobile_phone As 'Mobile Phone',
  C.client_email As 'Client Email',
  Programs.program_code As 'Language',
  P.plan_time As 'Plan Time',
  P.plan_date As 'Plan Date',
  P.visit_status As 'Visit Status',
  E.last_name + ' , ' + E.first_name As 'Empname',
  C.geo_area As 'GEO Area',
  G.geo_desc As 'Location',
  P.plan_id As 'Plan ID',
  V.description As 'Service'
From Planner P
  Inner Join Clients C On (C.client_id = P.client_id)
  Inner Join VisitType V On (V.visittype_id = P.visittype_id)
  Inner Join Employees E On (E.emp_id = P.emp_id)
  Inner Join Location L On (L.location_id = P.location_id)
  Inner Join GeoAreas G On (G.geoareas_id = L.geoareas_id)
  Inner Join Programs On Programs.program_id = P.program_id
  Inner Join Programs Programs1 On Programs1.program_id = P.program_id
Where P.plan_date = DateAdd(day, DateDiff(day, 0, GetDate()), 1) And
  P.visit_status = 'SCHEDULED'
Order By CNAME


1.4  Scroll down to the bottom and click the checkbox next to Custom Columns as shown.

Then click "Next Step"

1.5. On the next screen, leave the field orders alone, scroll to the bottom and click the "Web Services Info" link at the bottom.

1.6 Now you will see the Web Services page with detailed strings.  

Please highlight the entire page and send it via secure email it to us.


STEP 2: Set Time of Day for Reminders

Tell us the time of day you would like your appointment reminders to start and we'll take care of the rest!


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