What are the best times of day to reach people on the phone?

Data source: 150,000 phone calls made across the entire United States.

While there are many considerations about when it's best to call someone for your organization, we thought it would be interesting to look at the data and see what it said.

Best time to call someone is between 4 - 5pm -- 68% of people answer the phone.

Within the 9-5 workday, the next best times are:

3-4p (63%) and 9-10a (58%)

If you include after 5p, the next best times are:

6-7p (66%) and 5-6p (65%)


  • The best times to reach people live on the phone are later in the day.
  • The worst times to reach someone on the phone is around lunch-time.


  • Your patient population may have a slightly different profile, depending age, habits, working vs. retired.

  • If you have to remind patients for tomorrow's appointments, then it's best to send your reminders first thing at 9am.  That gives you a better response rate than lunch time, and gives your patients all day to get back to you.

  • If you are reminding patients for appointments 2 working days ahead, then you can use this analysis and send the appointment reminders at the 4pm time.

  • If you want to be sure to have your staff able to answer the "Press 2 to reschedule your appointment" or "Press 2 to pay your bill or ask a billing question", then you'll need to schedule the calls during the working day.


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