Working with History Reports (CSV in Excel Spreadsheet) (CDR, Call Detail Records, Call Report)

This article describes how to work with the History Reports you can download in CSV format from

We are showing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in these instructions, but you can use any spreadsheet to do the same analysis (e.g. Open Office Calc).

To download the history CSV file, please see this related article.

Open up the downloaded file in a spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel).

1. Click on the top header row of data. (row 1)

2. Click the DATA menu.

3. Click the Filter icon to turn on filters.

4. Click the filter pull down in the column you wish to filter - in this case Column A (msg_name).

5. Un-check any messages you do not wish to see in the data.

6. Click OK to filter the data.


7. Then click on Column S or column T (info) which is the Status or outcome of each reminder.

NOTE: Depending on  the report format you downloaded, the "info" column will be "S" or "T"

8. Then check only the statuses you wish to see in your results: Appointment confirmed, Text message sent, Person Answered, Call Received...

9. Click OK.

10. Repeat the filtering procedure for additional columns.

Here is a complete list of each of the columns on the report:

FORMAT: "CSV plus quoted w/duration"

Col A: msg_name (name of reminder message)

Col B: id_job (internal tracking number for this reminder job)

Col C: name (patient name)

Col D: phone (primary phone number used to call)

Col E: appointment time

Col F: appointment date

Col G: appointment type

Col H: appointment status

Col I: appointment notes / details

Col J: balance owed

Col K: provider name

Col L: location name

Col M: user 1 (will vary based on your setup)

Col N: user 2 (vary based on setup)

Col O: user 3 (vary based on setup)

Col P: time the reminder was initially sent (e.g. call started, text sent, email sent)

Col Q: date the reminder was sent

Col R: Duration  of phone call (if call was sent)

Col S: reply text sent back by patient in text message

Col T: info - the status result of the reminder

Col U: patient's mobile number (used to send text)

Col V: (client_code) 

Col W: (patient code)

Col X: (case_code)

Col Y: (medical_code) - sometimes is used for Medical Record Number (varies)

Col Z: (facility code)

Col AA: (facility address) - used to show if the mobile phone is a land line or valid mobile phone

Col AB: (facility phone) - used to show if the primary phone is a land line or valid mobile phone

Col AC: reminder type - used to show if the patient preference is CALL, TEXT, EMAIL or OPT OUT/DECLINE

Col AD: Action type

SMS = Text message, EML = Email, NPC = Phone call, ERR = error.





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