How to Start or Stop Your Entire Account (STOPPED or RUNNING) "Safe Mode"

Sometimes you want to be able to stop your entire account from sending any calls, texts or emails.  When you stop your account, it is put into "safe mode" and stops all communications.

 ALERT: Putting your account in STOPPED mode will stop all communications for all messages, all locations, all clinics that might be setup in your account.  Also, if you put the account into STOPPED mode, please remember to put it back to RUNNING when you are done so it can start sending scheduled messages.

NOTE: You need to have "Admin" security rights to be able to turn on or off your account.

You know your account is currently active and able to send messages if you see that it is "RUNNING"

This account is currently in "Safe Mode" and will not send any more messages because you see "STOPPED"

To turn on or off the system, click the STOPPED or RUNNING button.

Then check the box to STOP it, or un-check the box to START it.

Click Save.


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