Healthpac Billing Reminder Calls -- Importing the Calling Results Back Into Healthpac

This article shows you how to get your billing reminder call results from 1-800 Notify back into Healthpac as patient account level comments.

NOTE: This assumes you have already exported and run your Billing reminder calls using either one of these related processes

STEP 1: Export the Call Results Data from 1-800 Notify

1.  Login to your account on and click to highlight the Billing Reminder call job in the job list.

2. Click the REPORTS button.


3. Select HP Billing in the list.

4. Click Download/Send


Depending on your web browser settings, the file may be automatically downloaded to your "Downloads" folder, or you may be given a choice of where to download it.

The report name defaults to: hp-report.csv

You're done getting the call results data from 1-800 Notify, next, you'll need to login to Healthpac and upload/import the file.

STEP 2: Import the Call Results into Healthpac

1. Log into Healthpac HPlusPRO Software.

2. From the Main Menu, select:

   H) Management Programs

        G) CSV Database Input

            G) New Patients: Comments

3. Select the file you want to import.

Enter the Path/Folder where the CSV is stored. The default on the Export is OUTGOING.

Enter File name exactly as it is in your folder.

(Usually this will be hp-report.csv)

  You must have the .CSV at the end of the file name or the file will not import.

Use Blank Fields:

Enter “Y” if you have deleted the information in a field, then the system will delete that information from the file. The system will not delete full codes only data fields. If you want to delete the full code, you must enter a "Y" in the DELETE column.


***Never delete a code if it has been used in the system. Inactivate instead****

Enter a “N” if you want the system will disregard a “blank” field.

4. Select F5 to SAVE and start the import.

You will see a screen that shows you it is converting and importing the file as shown here.


If you do not see the file transfer box, it means that the file is not uploading.

Things to check:

  • Are you in the correct client code?
  • Did you save the file as a CSV MS-DOS?
  • Did you enter the correct path/folder and file name? Did you use the correct format?

When it is done, it will return you to the CSV Import menu. Check the file that you have updated to make sure that the changes you requested have been loaded.


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