WITS Appointment Reminders Export to Excel

This article will help you learn how to export the daily schedule from the WITS scheduling system so that you can upload that Excel file and remind patients with appointment reminder calls or appointment reminder texts.

1.  Login to the WITS system.

2.  From the Home page, click on SSRS Reports.

3. Select:  All Provider Reports > Provider Reports > Region 6 > (your office name) (e.g. Pocatello) Reminders enter the start date and end date for the appointments.
For example, if you wanted to remind patients on 10/17/16, you would choose

Date (From) 10/17/16

and Date (To) as 10/18/16 (next day)

Then click on ‘View Report’. 

4. When the report generates on the screen, select the Disk icon (Export) then select Excel.

5. Now, you'll need to save the file on your computer in a folder (location) and with a file name where you can easily locate it later when you have to upload it to 1-800 Notify.

You're done with the export, now you can login to your account at www.1800notify.com and securely upload your file to your location's message using these instructions:

How to Upload and Start the Reminder Calls / Texts 

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