Appointment Reminders (Call or Text) for NextGen Office, formerly MediTouch Health Fusion (Analysis Grid) (XLSX)


You can now send appointment reminder calls and text messages, and even missed appointment calls and texts, from MediTouch from Health Fusion.  All you need to do to get started is contact us online here or call us at 1-800-939-1853.  We offer a 30-day free trial.

1. Log into MediTouch Practice Management.

2. Click on the Reports menu and select Reports.

3. Adjust the Report Settings, click Generate Report.

In Report Type - Select Appointment

In Report Name - Select Appointment - Analysis Grid

Adjust the appointment date - you can select "Tomorrow" from the Time Period, or select a date range.

Example, if you wanted to reminders for 2 days from now, you'd put in the Start Date and End Date two days ahead of today.  Or, if you'd like to send missed appointment notices, you'd put in yesterday's date in the Start and End dates.

Make any adjustments you might need to the provider and location fields.   If you have multiple locations, you should be able to send all location data at one time, in the same file.

Click Generate Report at the bottom.


From the Report preview screen, click the Excel button to export the report to Microsoft Excel format.


4. Locate the file so you can upload it later.

Depending on your web browser settings, a file will be saved automatically in your DOWNLOADS FOLDER, or you will be asked to specify a download folder and file name to save the file.

Make sure to save the file in a location you will be easily able to find it later when you need to upload it to your account on 

NOTE: The default file name will look something like this:



You're done with the export, now check out this article showing you how to upload that file to your account to get the reminders started:

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