Epic Appointment Reminders (Call, Text or Email) - Run Report and Export

This article assumes you've already created a custom report using the steps found in this related article (https://1800notify.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217935083) and you simply want to run that report and export the results.

1. Click on the My Reports tab.

Locate your report and click on the Edit button.


2. Adjust the From and To dates (if needed).

Click Run.


3.  Locate the results in the "Recent results" tab at the bottom.

Click Ready to View.


4. From the Report Preview screen, click Options.

Then click Export to File.


5. Place the file into a location you can easily find later.

And, name it something meaningful - like today's date: 11-15-2016.CSV


You're done with the export, now you need to login to your secure account at www.1800notify.com and upload the schedule to start sending the reminders.

Learn how to do that here:







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