Auto-posting to Epic Systems through InstaMed (J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments) eliminated an extra portal making it easier for our accounting team!

This major Health System based in the Southeast United States opted to leave their batch Epic Systems IVR and switch to 1800 Notify because of one specific IVR feature, real-time payment posting into Epic Systems. This real-time posting is a powerful benefit to patient satisfaction as well as a big time-saver for their staff. 


InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan Company | Greenway Health


Not only was 1800 Notify’s IVR system easier on patients and customer service staff, but since the IVR utilized the Health System's standard payment processor, InstaMed (J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments), the Health Systems’ accounting teams loved it too! “Auto-posting to Epic Systems through InstaMed eliminated an extra portal making it easier for our accounting and treasury team members,” shared their Director of Banking Operations. Before 1800 Notify, with their old batch IVR posting system, the staff had to closely monitor the data to ensure it was accurate which was very time consuming. The former batch system regularly caused headaches for the posting team if the file wasn’t sent appropriately or if the dates were off due to holidays. But now, using 1800 Notify’s auto-posting IVR, all of those problems are eliminated, freeing up the staff to assist with other projects. 

The Health System's staff appreciates that 1800 Notify is integrated with both Epic Systems and InstaMed (J.P. Morgan Healthcare Payments).  Patients can call into 1800 Notify’s IVR to pay in real-time, but also to hear real-time balance readings, recent payments, payment plan details, office hours, and more. The Epic System and InstaMed Integration with 1800 Notify allows patients to choose from a number of self-service options to help reduce the overall call volume to the customer service team, saving time for everyone!

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