Patients can now log into Epic Systems’s online portal, MyChart, and see their IVR payment posted in real-time.

This major Health System based in the Southeast United States opted to leave their batch Epic Systems IVR and switch to 1800 Notify because of one specific IVR feature, real-time payment posting into Epic Systems. This real-time posting is a powerful benefit to patient satisfaction as well as a big time-saver for their staff. 


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Their Billing Office Director told 1800 Notify, “From a patient satisfaction standpoint real-time posting is a huge win.” After paying on the phone using 1800 Notify’s IVR system, patients can now immediately log into Epic Systems’s online portal, MyChart, and see their payment posted in real-time. The patients enjoy the comfort of knowing their payment was credited immediately to their account. And in the rare occurrence a patient makes an incorrect payment, they can quickly call a staff member who will be able to see the live posting and help issue a refund on the same day. Before 1800 Notify, the staff would have to explain to the patient that they needed to call back the following day, after payments were batch-posted, in order to receive a refund. Now, the process is much easier on both the patients and the staff, and everyone is happy!

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