Appointment Reminders for Google Calendar - Phone & Text - FORMATTING CALENDAR ENTRIES and SEEING RESULTS


In order to get automated appointment reminders going from Google Calendar (and see the results right in your own Google Calendar) you'll need to format your calendar events in a specific way as shown in this article.

BEFORE YOU DO THIS...  You need to Authorize Google Calendar to talk to your 1-800 Notify account by following the steps in this related article:


Enter Your Appointments in Google Calendar in a Specific Format

We can work with just about any format you like, but we are showing here a simple format with just the basic information needed to send a reminder.

Last, First, Phone Number, (Optional Additional Information)

Depending on how you setup your account with 1-800 NOTIFY, the Additional information can be used to do different things.


OPTIONAL INFORMATION Example: Communication Preference - "T" or "TEXT" for Text and "C" or "CALL" for Call - to force either a text message or phone call to be sent.  If you don't specify, the 1-800 Notify system can auto-detect the type of phone number MOBILE or LANDLINE and send a Text Message or Phone Call automatically.  This special code allows you to override the automated detection and send a phone call to a mobile phone, if your patient preference is a call.


OPTIONAL INFORMATION Example: Appointment Type - if you put "NEW" then we could send a special new patient appointment reminder.

NOTE: If you already have the info. in the calendar with a little different format, just contact us at 1-800-939-1853 and we'll work with you - no problem! 


Once the reminders are sent out and the calls / texts are completed or when the patient responds to a text message, you will begin to see the results inside your Google Calendar in square brackets as shown below.


[Appointment confirmed] = Person received a phone call and pressed 1 to confirm.

[Appointment confirmed (Y)] = Person received a text message reminder and replied "Y" to confirm.

[Left message] = We detected a 'beep' and left a voice mail message.

[Transfer to office] = A person answered and then pressed 2 to transfer to your office to change or cancel their appointment.

[Person answered] = A person answered the phone and then hung up before pressing 1 or 2.  You don't really know if they are confirming or not.  In these cases, it's best to remind the person to press 1 if they are planning on attending their appointment.

[Busy or no answer] = We tried to call 4 times over 45 minutes, but could not get a person or voice mail to pick up.

[Text message sent] = A text message was sent, but the person did not reply yet.




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