Kareo Billing Reminders / Patient Balance Reminder Calls (Patient Collections Detail)


This article shows how easily you can make hundreds or thousands of low-cost billing reminder calls (calls to patients who have outstanding balances due) to any of your Kareo patients using 1-800 Notify.  All you need to do is run a standard Patient Collections Detail report (that has the patient phone number included), export and upload it to your account at www.1800notify.com, and all your patients will be called.

STEP 1: Bring up the Patient Collections Detail Report in Kareo

1.1 In Kareo, Select Reports > Accounts Receivable > Patient Collections Detail as shown.


1.2 Then the Kareo Patient Collections Detail report should appear on the screen.  Verify that the report name is correct at the top, verify the patients, then click Excel to save the report as an Excel file.


1.3 When you click Excel, you will see the Save As dialog box appear.  Make sure to select a folder location (e.g. Documents) that you can find later.  And, name the file something that you can easily locate, like the CLIENT NAME DATE (e.g. GREEN CLINIC 05-14-2018).


You're done with the Kareo export!

Then next step is to log into your HIPAA secure account at www.1800notify.com and upload that file to the correct Billing Reminder Message and schedule when you want the calls to start.

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