Praxis EMR Appointment Reminder Calls and Texts


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You can now easily send appointment reminder calls or texts for all your patients if you use PRAXIS, the Template-Free EMR.  A simple export and upload process that takes less than 5 minutes a day will allow you to send automated reminders to all your PRAXIS EMR patients.  , please contact us at 1-800-939-1853 or email at to get setup.

STEP 1 - Pull up the Appointments


1.1  Select the Query tab at the top of your PRAXIS EHR screen.

1.2  Double-click on the Appointments by Date report on the left column of PRAXIS EHR.

1.3  Adjust the date of the appointments for which you would like to send reminders.


1.4  Click the Execute button at the bottom of the PRAXIS EHR screen.

1.5  Verify you see the correct patients listed in the middle of the screen (Date, Number of Patients, etc.) and then click the Export All button to save the report as a file.

Select EXCEL Spreadsheet as the format for the exported format.


STEP 2:  Upload and schedule the reminders with your HIPAA-secure account at

Here are instructions for this next step:


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