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If you are running an IVR Autopay by Phone with 1-800 Notify, you can log in and check out the near real-time call results with this article.  We say 'near-real time' because the results may be delayed by 10-20 minutes while we ensure that the calls are completed and the status can be updated in a reliable manner.

TIP: You can find more details on what the Call Completion statuses shown in the Info column mean in this related article: https://1800notify.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003905892 

1. Log into your secure portal at 1-800 Notify (www.1800notify.com)

2. If you are running lots of different jobs in your portal (e.g. Outbound Billing Reminder calls or Appointment Reminders) you may want to filter the jobs you are viewing to only the Inbound Autopay by Phone Jobs - here's how to do that:


a. Type in the first few numbers of your IVR Phone number assigned to you by 1-800 Notify without dashes.  For example, if your phone number was 8885552222, you'd enter 888555.

b. Then click the search icon magnifying glass.

c. You'll see each day's IVR Calls grouped into separate jobs.

NOTE: The jobs are separated at 12:00 midnight Eastern Time for each day.

If you are in Eastern Time, you'll see today's date for today's calls.

If you are in Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaskan or Hawaiian time, then you'll see yesterday's date for today's calls in this column.

Click on the day you wish to view, the most recent calls (which is usually today's), will be the top job on the list.

3. Once you've pulled up and are viewing just the IVR Autopay Jobs, then you can start analyzing the results.


A few tips and things to look for:

1. You can see the total calls completed and total dollars collected so far during that day in the Total column in the Job List at the top.  E.g. 7 ($5.00) would mean 7 calls were completed and $5.00 collected by the IVR so far that day.

2. When you click on a job in the top of the list, you can see all the people who called in that day below on the Notification List.

3. Ideally, you want to see a high percentage of "Autopay Success" statuses in the Info column.

You'd like to see a good percentage of calls resulting in payments.  In the image above, only a single payment was made, so you could say there might be some problems with this IVR setup - maybe in the Identification or Authentication/Validation of the callers.

4. In the Duration column, you will see the length of each call.  You want to see calls of at least 60 seconds, and more likely between 120 - 180 seconds.  All calls under 30 seconds would indicate there is a problem.  It could be that the transfer process from your phone system to the IVR is failing to successfully connect the callers. It could be other reasons. 

IMPORTANT: You should contact 1-800 Notify for assistance if you see any problems with your IVR or the stats shown on the portal.

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