How to find a specific reminder sent by using a patient name, phone number or other information across locations and dates (export)

If you have many locations, each with their own reminder sending every day, or if you have many patients getting reminded on a daily basis, you might want to be able to find a specific reminder.

Some possible reasons you might want to do this:

- A patient said they did not receive a reminder for a specific appointment.

- A patient said they received more than one reminder.

But you don't know the location or date/time of their appointment, you need to find the appointment reminder.

STEP 1: Export reminders sent for a date range.

TIP: Make sure to export for a date range that is wide enough to include the reminder(s) in question.

Here's how to get that done:

1. From the Home tab.

2. Click to highlight any job in the Job list.

3. Click the Reports button.

4. Click the check box next to "Date range"

5. Select the CSV plus report.

6. Click Download/Send.

7. Select the Start Date for the data you wish to export.

8. Select the End Date for your export - the day AFTER you want the data to be exported.

IMPORTANT: You want to select the day AFTER your wish to see the results, as the system uses 12:00 am in the morning of the date you select as the cutoff for the export.  So if you wanted data to include November 5th information, you would select the End date of November 6th.

9. Click Save.  Now a report will be downloaded to your Downloads directory or a directory of your choosing (depending on the options you have set in your web browser).


STEP 2: Open the exported file and search using Excel for your reminder.

Open the file you just exported in Excel or another spreadsheet.

Then you can use the FIND feature in excel to find the patient's first / last name / phone number, etc.

Bring up the FIND feature from the menu, or use the Ctrl+F shortcut.


Then type in the patient name, phone number or any other information you have to find the reminder.

TIP: Make sure the phone number you are searching for has no "-" or "(" ")" or spaces in it when you search. Phone numbers are stored without the dashes - so don't search for 368-555-1111, or (386) 555-1111 but search for 3865551111 instead.



You can also use the FILTER feature to help limit your search.

TIP: To better understand and work with the downloaded report, please see this related article.

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