How to Send a Broadcast Reminder Message / Upload a Name and Phone List

This article will show you how to upload a name and phone number Excel file - Excel Workbook format (XLSX) to a broadcast reminder message to send out the reminders.

In this example, we are using a "Weather Alert to Staff" message that will send a text to everyone with a valid mobile phone and a phone call to everyone with a landline phone (As determined by our national database of phone number types).

Preparing the File to Upload

The file we will be uploading is a simple Excel Workbook (XLSX) format file with the name in the 1st column (Column A) and the phone number in the 2nd column (Column B).

TIP: If you use a payroll service, many times, they can give you an Excel Workbook or CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format file that can be opened in Excel.  Just make sure to put the name in Column A and the phone number in Column B.  Erase all other columns.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to erase all data in column C and beyond or you will receive an error when you upload your file. 

You can have the name in any of these formats: "Last, First",  "First Last" or "First only"

You can have the phone number in any of these formats: (386) 555-1111, 386-555-1111, 3865551111, 386.555.1111


Once you have the file you wish to use, you are ready to upload it to your Broadcast Reminder Message.

Upload and Schedule when Your Reminder Goes Out

1. Login to your account on

2. Click the Green "+ New" button or click the "Upload Schedule" button from the HOME screen.

3. Select the reminder message you wish to use.  In this example, it's Weather-Alert-To-Staff.  Locate it and click on it to highlight it blue.

TIP: Since the message starts with "W" you can hit the letter "W" on your keyboard to jump down to the first message starting with that letter.



4. You can drag and drop your Excel file or click the gray box to "Browse".  This will bring up a dialog box allowing you to locate your file from your computer.


6. You should now see your selected file in the list.  If it looks correct, the click the "Upload" button.



Verifying Your Uploaded List

If you are about to send out dozens or hundreds of notices, you'll want to double-check the voice messages and text messages look good.


You can listen to the voice reminders by clicking on the phone icon from this screen.


You can view the, but to see the text reminders, you'll have to click "Save" and look at them from the next screen.


Click the Phone icon next to any person's name to listen to their voice message.

(Learn more about listening to voice messages - click here)

TIP: Give yourself at least 15 minutes until the Job Starts, if you want to double-check that the text messages about to go out are correct from the main home screen.

Sending your reminder early or late:

In order to be able  to send your reminder outside of normal times (before 9am or after 8pm), you'll need to adjust a setting in the message itself.  See this related article: 


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