Locating the Name of the Voice Message and Text Message Used in a Reminder Message

In this article, we'll help you determine which Synthetic Speech Voice message and Text Message templates are used in your Reminder Message.

The example we will work with is called "Weather-Alert-To-Staff"

Locate the Reminder Message 

1. Log into your account at www.1800notify.com

2. Click on the LIBRARY tab at the top.  Click on the REMINDERS sub-tab.

3. Look up the Reminder message by typing in some or all of the message name in the search window - in this case "weather" which will pull up all messages where "weather" is in the name.


4. Click on the message once to highlight it, then click the Modify button.

Or, double-click on the Reminder message to Modify it.


Locate the Phone Message Synthetic Speech Used

1. Click the PHONE tab to see the synthetic speech message used when someone answers the phone.

NOTE: In the image below, you can see that if a phone number is determined to be a mobile (which is in the field called Facility Address), then a text message will be sent instead of sending the voice call.


You can see the name of the Synthetic speech used in the ( ) after "Say" - In this example, it's "Weather-Alert"


Next, you'll want to also see the synthetic speech message used when an answering machine or voice mail is detected (when our system hears the 'beep').  Sometimes, this message for the answering machine is different especially in cases where the live person version contains an ending that asks the recipient to press a button to do an action (eg. "Press 3 to repeat this message")

To do this, click the next tab down - the ANSWERING MACHINE tab.

You can see the name of the Synthetic speech used in the ( ) after "Say" - In this example, it's also "Weather-Alert"



Locate the Text Message Template Used

In order to see what Text Message template is used, click on the SMS tab.

The name in the ( ) after TextMessage(  ) is the name of the text message template used in this reminder message.






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