How to Download IVR Autopay by Phone Call Detail Reports - CDR

In order to download a range of days of data from your IVR Autopay by Phone secure portal, please follow these steps.

NOTE: You'll need a user account setup that will be able to access your organization's account at   If you need an account, please contact your administrator or 1-800 Notify directly at 1-800-939-1853.

1. Login to

2. Click on any job in the Job List.  Each Job will correspond to a day's worth of data for a particular IVR Autopay by Phone phone number.  If your organization has more than one number, you will see a job for each number for each day.

3. Click the Reports button.


4. Click "CSV quoted w/ duration"

5. Click the check box next to "Date Range"

6. Click Download/Send.


7. Select the Start Date and End Date, then click Save.

TIP:  If you wanted data for March 2 to March 11, you should pick a day before and a day after just to be sure you pull all the data you need (to compensate for cutoff times, etc.)


If you see a "No results matching query" pop-up, then double-check your date range selection and try again.


8.  If there is data to download, you will then see a Save As pop up window.

Select a folder / location for the downloaded CSV file.

Rename the file, if you'd like to make it easier to find.  Example: "March 2019 data"


You're done - you've successfully downloaded a range of data for your IVR Autopay by Phone System.  

The file format is in CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format that can be opened with any spreadsheet - e.g. Microsoft Excel.

Next, you'll want to open that file in a spreadsheet and analyze the data.

Please see this related article that shows you how to open and work with the downloaded IVR Call Detail Report CSV file.



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