Parent - Child or Member - Group Member Reminder Messages (Several Locations, but a Single Upload File)

Sometimes you might have more than one location sending out reminder messages, but only have a single file that you export that contains data for every location.  

In these cases, we setup a "Parent - Child" called "Member - Group Member" message setup.

This setup makes it easy - you only need to export a single file AND you only need to upload it once (to the Group Parent message.



What happens is this:

1. You upload the single schedule export file to the Group Member or "parent" message.

2. The system automatically copies the data from that single file into each of the Group Member or "child" messages.

3. Rules in the child messages automatically cancel any reminders for patients not scheduled at their location.

4. This saves our customers time when they have more than 1 clinic and they can get the entire schedule file exported with every single clinic in a single export file.  Using this setup, they can upload that single complete file once, rather than a separate file for each clinic.


Here's how to set it up:

Setup the Group Message (the "Parent")

1. Create a new reminder message (Library > Reminders > New)

TIP: If you want to force the Reminder name to appear in the top of the "New" or "Upload Files" screen, then put a dash or two in the beginning of the file name. 


Click the radio button next to "Group Parent Message"




2. On the Plugin tab, make sure to choose the plugin that matches the Group Member (Child) messages.


3. Setup the combining logic in the Options tab to be the same as what you would like in each of the Child messages.


You're done with the Group "parent" message, now setup all the Group Member or "child" messages.

Set up the Group Member or "Child" Messages

1. Usually, it's easiest to "Duplicate" the Group message you just created and start with the settings in it.


2. Rename the new message as the name of the clinic name so it's easy to recognize what clinic it is.  Try to keep the name short (under about 15 characters by abbreviating)

Click the "Group Child Message" radio button. 

Select the correct group member name in the drop down list (if you have setup more than one group message name in your account)


2. The Plug In for each of the child messages needs to be set the same as the Group Plug In

3. In the phone section, setup the rule to only allow reminders to be sent when the location (or whatever field has the location info) is correct.

For example, if this location was called "MAINST" then you would set up a rule to cancel any reminder that does not contain (or equal) "MAINST" like this:







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