Working with Spanish Appointment Reminders Pre-recorded and (Synthetic Speech) TTS

Convert Any Accented/Special Characters

If you use Google Translate and copy / paste any text, make sure to remove any accented or unusual characters.  

Instead of á é í ó ú ü ñ ¿ ¡

Use: a e i o u u n ? !


Re-Type Any Apostrophe, Single or Double-Quotes after Copy / Paste

If you copy/paste anything with single or double quotes or apostrophes... it will cause errors.

The angled apostrophe, single quote, double quote and any special characters with accents will all cause issues. 

Just re-type the single, double quotes, and apostrophe after pasting to fix them.




Appointment Day, Date at Time in Spanish

When using Spanish Synthetic Speech for appointment reminders, you need to use a special 'tag' for the appointment day, date and time.


You can't use <appt_day> <appt_date> at <appt_time> because all those tags are automatically read in English.

Also, make sure to use a Spanish Voice - 

Paulina = Spanish woman

Juan = Spanish man

Using Synthetic Speech, Here's how an example Spanish appointment reminder written for Synthetic Speech might look:

Hola somos la clinica Verde con un recordatorio para <name>. su cita esta programada para el <appt_ddt_spanish>. Oprima 1 para confirmar, oprima 2 para reprogramar, oprima 3 para asistencia con aseguransa. Oprima 5 para escuchar este mensaje de nuevo. Gracias.

For pre-recorded reminders, you need to setup two Synthetic Speech voices, one for day-date-and-time and the other for name.


Choose the Spanish Voice to match the pre-recorded -

use Juan for the male voice and Paulina for the female voice. 

You can use the variable from the list - in this case: Appt DDT Spanish

Click it once in the Variable list to insert the tag into the speech text.




Then, insert two new Synthetic Speech Tags in the message between the pre-recorded voice wav files at the correct location.



ZIP Code in Spanish

Similar to the phone number, please put spaces between the digits in a zip code.

Instead of: 90115

Use: 9 0 1 1 5




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