Exporting Data from 1-800 Notify for Annual Recalls / Annual Physical Wellness Messages (CSV Plus)

The best way to pull patients to send them an annual recall reminder, is using your Practice Management system and run a report of all patients who were seen 12 months ago but not seen since. However, some Practice Management systems do not have such a report (e.g. Practice Fusion as of June 2019 did not have this report).

You can use this article if:

- You have been using 1-800 Notify for more than 12 months.

- You have not been deleting old jobs from the system.


STEP 1: Run and Downloac a "CSV Plus" report for a date range

1.1 From the HOME tab.

Click on any job in the job list.

Click the REPORTS button.

Select CSV Plus.

Click the Date range check box.

Click Download/Send.


1.2  On the date selection screen.

Scroll back to 12 months ago.

Example: If today was June 2019, then you'd want to go back and select the month of June 2018- June 1, 2018 > June 30, 2018.


Click SAVE.

1.3 Then name the file and make sure to see which location (folder) it will be saved.  It's a good idea to name the file something meaningful like:


That way, you can find it when you need to upload it to your recall message in 1800 Notify.



STEP 2: Upload and schedule your recalls using these steps.

You will then upload that exported recall report to your 1800 Notify account the same way you upload all your other files for appointment reminders.

Just select the correct "Wellness" or "Annual-Recall" message that is setup for you.

If you need help, here are instructions showing how to do the upload process:


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