MedWare Scheduler Appointment Reminder Calls and Texts (MedWare) CSV Format

This article describes how you can easily send appointment reminder calls or text messages from your MedWare Scheduler using 1-800 Notify.  

We have a related article that shows you how to export in a PDF print file format, see this article:


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STEP 1: Export the Daily Schedule from MedWare to a CSV File

1.1  From the Maintenance menu, select Export Schedule.



1.2  Set the Start and End Dates.

Look to see the File name and location at the top of the window so you can find the file later.



If you did not change the default location for your appointment export file, you will find your file in this folder:


And it will be named:



STEP 2: Log in to your HIPAA secure account at to upload the schedule file.

Use this related article to learn how to upload and schedule your reminders: 


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