Real-time Integrated Phone Payment IVR System from 1-800 Notify with Epic Systems (App Orchard Contributor)

Epic Systems App Orchard provides a detailed implementation guide, please request that documentation directly from Epic Systems.  This documentation is meant to be an overview of the implementation and not contain all the details of implementation. 

This documentation provides an overview for your organization to understand the installation and maintenance process of the Phone Payment IVR system.  This system communicates in real-time with your Epic Environment using Web Services.  We support both client-hosted and Epic Systems-hosted environments. 


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App Orchard Account: Your organization must have an active Epic App Orchard Account to download and implement the Web Services required for the IVR System.

Compatible Payment Processor: Your organization must have an active account with one of the compatible payment processors that work with 1-800 Notify.  Currently we support InstaMed and TSYS.  If you work with someone else, please let us know and we can talk with you.

1.0  Your Phone System Work

There is nothing to install on your site to get the IVR up and running, however you will have to make some adjustments to your Phone System in order to offer the choice for callers to use the Automated IVR system instead of talking to your staff.

1.1  Phone Menu System

Adjust your phone menu system to allow callers to "Press 1 to use your secure automated phone system.  Please have your guarantor account number and account holder's date of birth ready for your security."  You will have to transfer the callers to a dedicated toll-free number we assign to your organization.

1.2  On-Hold Queue Transfer Option

If your phone system can support it, you can also offer an on-hold periodic break-in message offering the same transfer option to callers who are on hold waiting for one of your customer service agents.  Example: "Remember, if you need to check your balance or make a payment, you can use our automated system by pressing 9 now."

1.3  Offer Speed Dial from Your Agent's Phones

If you make the business decision to allow your Customer Service Agents to offer a transfer for a patient to make a secure PCI compliant payment on the IVR, you will need to add a speed dial / transfer option for your Agents.  Example:  "Would you like to make your payment using our automated system?  It's fast, easy and secure.  May I transfer you now?"  If the patient agrees, then the Agent will need an easy way to transfer them to the IVR.

1.4  Publish your Dedicated IVR Number

You may also choose to put your dedicated toll-free IVR phone number on your statements or web site.  Example: To make a phone payment or check your balance 24/7, please call 1-8xx-xxx-xxxx.

2.0  Epic Systems Set Up

For this section, please refer to the App Orchard Implementation Guide.



3.0  Payment Processor Setup

3.1  IVR-Specific Outlet

You will want to setup a new outlet for the exclusive use of the IVR system.  This will allow you to segregate all your IVR payments from other payment channels, such as from your Staff or from MyChart.

3.2  Credentials To Access your Payment Processor's API

You will need to supply credentials to your 1-800 Notify Techncial Team in order for the IVR to access your payment processor's API to collect payments on your organization's behalf.  We support credit, debit and bank account (ACH) type payments.  

4.0  Customer Service Agent Training

4.1  Pre-Launch Training

You will want to be sure your Customer Service Agents are fully aware of the IVR Autopay system.  Specifically, how patients will identify an authenticate themselves.  This will allow your Agents to assist patients who might be having trouble getting used to the new system.  

If you have opted to allow your Agents to transfer a patient to the IVR to complete a payment, then this functionality will have to be trained.

4.2  Post-Launch Training

The key training for post-launch of your IVR system will be for your Agents to gather feedback on the IVR, especially from patients who are having difficulty with the IVR.  If a patient says "the IVR didn't work," then it's very important for your staff to be able to ask detailed questions to pinpoint the issue and help determine if adjustments / fine-tuning of the IVR is needed.

-  If you got stuck, where was it?  (Entering your guarantor number, your date of birth, credit card, etc.)

- What were you doing right before you had trouble?

- Are there any details you can tell me about what did not work for you?

- Did you hear your balance correctly?



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