Adding a new Text Message Reminder by Copying another Message

Say you want to start sending a new type of text message and you want to keep your existing calls and text messages as-is.

This article will show you how to get that done by duplicating (copying) and existing Reminder Message that already sends texts and associate it with a new text message template you create.

Why Copy or Duplicate an Existing Reminder?

When you upload your data files to send reminders, you can only see Reminder Messages, not the Text Message templates.  So you'll need to duplicate an existing reminder message and tie it to the new Text Message Temple you will be creating.


STEP 1: Create a new Text Message Template

1.1  In the Library, go to the Text Message Tab and click the New button to create a new text.

1.2 Name your text, and type in the text message into the Text Message area.

1.3 Save your new text.


Now that you have your new text, you need to tie it to a new Reminder Message so you can see it when you upload it to the system.


STEP 2: Duplicate an Existing Reminder Message that Already Sends Texts

NOTE: If you don't already have such a text reminder message to duplicate, please call us at 1-800-939-1853 or email us at and we'll get you set up.

2.1  Go to the Library.

2.2  Click on an existing Reminder Message that already sends Text Reminders, click the Duplicate button.



2.3  Change the Name of the Reminder Message to a different name.

Then, click the Phone tab.



2.4  Make sure you see a rule in the Phone tab that will send a text when the phone number you uploaded is a valid mobile phone (cell phone) that can receive a text.


2.5  Now, click on the SMS tab to associate that new Text Message template you setup with this new message.

Click on the existing Text message template, and click the Red X to remove it.


2.6  The final step is to add the new Text Message template you just created in Step 1 to the SMS tab.

Click the New Action button.

Scroll down and click the CHECK BOX next to the new Text Message you created.







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