Grabbing a File from the Files Area to Upload to a Closure Notice Message

If your organization automatically sends files to 1-800 Notify, you can use this article to grab a file that has been uploaded to your account at and use it to send out an office closure notice.

NOTE: You have to have 1-800 Notify set you up with an office closure notice first.  If you'd like one done, please email us at or call 1-800-939-1583.

STEP 1: Download the correct day's file from the Files tab.

1.1  Click on the FILES tab.

1.2  Look at the top of the list - 




1.3  Open up the width of the Name column, so you can see the entire file name.

1.4  Click on the Date column so you see all the newest files on the top.


1.5 If your organization uploads files for unplanned closures, with the word Unplanned in the file name, locate those files by searching for them. 

If your organization uploads files with the scheduled appointment date in the file, locate the correct date of appointments for the correct date.

1.6  Click on the file to select it, then click the DOWNLOAD Button.

IMPORTANT: Note the folder location where your file is being downloaded so you can find it when you upload it in the next step.

STEP 2: Upload the Schedule file to the Closure message for your clinic and VERIFY THE MESSAGES

Follow the instructions in this related article to upload the file you downloaded to the correct CLOSURE message for your organization.



Take the time to review the upload confirmation screen to make absolutely sure you have uploaded the correct day's appointments to the message -

Listen to a phone call by clicking the phone Icon, or

View a text by clicking on the text message icon.



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