Allowing a Message to be sent before 9am or after 8pm (earlier or later, allowed sending times)

If you want to send out a message earlier than 9am or after 8pm (our normal default start and stop times), you'll need to make an adjustment to the message itself.

Here's how to get that done:

1. Click on the Library tab.

2. You should be in the "Reminders" sub-tab.

3. Locate the message you wish to send earlier than 9am or later than 8pm.

4. Either double-click on it, or click it once, then click the Modify button to edit it.


5. Click on the Options tab.

6. Locate the Default Start and End Time Overrides at the bottom.


7. Make the changes to the default times.

8. Click Save.


9.  Now, the next time you upload your calls, AFTER you select this particular message name that you just edited, you will see the 7:00am start time (assuming it's before 7am).  But you can adjust the start time to as early as the time you set in the message or as late as you set it.


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